Code grabber Sheriff zx-940 19 cells 150 alarms

Listning ID 149722


Code grabber sheriff zx-940

19 of memory cells 150 alarms the most popular ones in the list below

The pin code for inclusion

A remote engine start

Trunk release

Working LCD display


Improved reception

Battery indicator

Jamming feedback

Reception of up to 200 meters

Function accelerated Dogon code

1).Mongouse AMG 700, 700/1, 700/M, 750, 750/1, IQ 140, IQ 160, IQ 180, IQ-200, etc. entire range of Keeloq.

2).A.P.S. (the whole range keeloq)

3).Alligator (all additional keychains keeloq)

4).Alligator (pagers with LEDs all keeloq)

5).Alligator ( pagers with LCD display, all keeloq )

6).Jaguar (the whole range keeloq AX-110, AX-220, JX-330, JX-2000, etc.)

7).Pantera (QX) QX-44, QX-55, QX-77 Super KeeLoq

8).Challenger ( whole range keeloq 2000i-v2, 3000i-v2,5000i-v2, 5700i_v2, ch-7000i)

9).Sheriff ( the entire range keeloq) AutoPlay.

10).GUARD ( keychains with red led keeloq)


12).Pantera (XS) XS-100, XS-110, XS 200, XS-1000, XS-1500 XS-1700,XL-2500, XL-2600, XL-3000, XS-3150,

13).Pantera SLK-100, SLK 250, SLK-2i, 3i, 4i, 5i SLK-45SC, Pantera XS-330, CLK-350, CLK-450

14).Cenmax (HIT-320 keeloq model)

15).Pantera SLR-5100 Led, SLR-5200, SLR-5600, SLR-5700 LCD (with pagers feedback 5ХХХ series inclusive )


17).KGB (additional charms including the old models)

18).Berkut (additional key fobs) one-way S-240

19).Berкut (pagers) bilateral S-430, S-500, S-600

20).KGB (pagers with feedback-VS 4000, VS 5000)

21).Tomahawk(TW7000 TW9000,TW9010,TW7010,TW7020,TW7030,TW9020,TW9030,950LE) AutoPlay.


23).Pandora (series RX)

24).Leopard keeloq unilateral LR-433, LS-30/10, LS-50/10, LS-70/10 plus

25).Red Scorpio

26).English speaker


28).Cenmax (A-700 A-900 )

29).Cenmax (VT-200,VT-210)

30).CENMAX VIGILANT ST-5, ST-7, ST-10, V-7, MT-8 autorun.

31).StarLine-Twage A6,A8,A9, AutoPlay.

32).StarLine-Twage B6(black remote control) AutoPlay.

33).StarLine-Twage B6(additional remote control) AutoPlay.

34).StarLine-Twage B6 (blue pager ) AutoPlay.

35).StarLine-Twage B9(black pager) AutoPlay.

36).StarLine-Twage B9 (additional keychain)

37) StarLine 24V

38).StarLine-Twage A4,A2 AutoPlay.

39).FANTOM F-731, F-635LCD

40).KGB ( FX-3,FX-5, FX-7)

41).REEF (with red led)

42).Gorgon (red led)

43).Black-Bug super (red led)


45).StarLine-Twage B9(dialog blue pager)


47).Keeloq QS TIGER Tiger, Tiger MM1


49).Pantera (with pager feedback c new coded series SLK-300SC , SLK-350SC , SLK-400sc, SLK-450sc, SLK-468 )

50).Alligator(pagers with feedback c new encoding series S-400, S-450, S-475, S-500, S-550, S-575 2WAY

51).Sherif (with new dynamic code CFM model ZX-1055, ZX-1060 ) AutoPlay.

52).Challenger new model with changed code CFM model 8000i, Black X1, Gray X1.



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