Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway
Tools car care from Amway

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Thank you for dropping in to my page! I represent to Your attention the company's products Amway The purchase price! Without the 30% markup! Means for washing cars Car Wash Concentrated dishwashing liquid for hire will allow you to quickly and gently wash away surface dirt, oil or dust without the risk of damaging or scratching the paintwork. Economical to use! One bottle will be enough for 100 times to wash the car.

Environmentally safe! Does not contain phosphates. Consists of biodegradable surfactants. Does not contribute to the process of eutrophication, i.e. algae growth and eutrophication, which leads to fish kills and other negative consequences. Does not accumulate in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

Method of use: wash cars Car Wash is suitable for washing all surfaces of the car, including paint and vinyl coatings, tires, wheel caps, chrome and rubber parts decorative finishes. Can also be used for washing of motorbikes, boats, strollers and trailers. Concentrated formula for effective removal of dirt road enough to use a solution prepared from 5 ml to 4 l of water . Volume: 1 l - price UAH 91 Coating system windshield Perma Clear Provide a good visibility, making the car windshield is perfectly clear, and maintain this property using the new system covering the windshield PermaClear , which creates a windshield protective layer and makes it easy to defrost and remove the insect. Add PermaClear in the washer system windshield, and every time You will turn on, it will restore the windshield protective coating of the polymer, which will not stick any foreign substances. Fill small scratches on the glass, this tool makes the surface of the windshield is smooth and sturdy, thanks to significantly slower nasivautcya wipers, and visibility is improved because rain drops quickly slide down the glass. Characteristics and advantages: Polymer coating of the windshield, which do not stick any foreign substances facilitates the defrost Windows and remove traces from insects. - Increases the safety of the driver and passengers. - Slows down the wear janitorial up to 70%. In the composition formula is antifreeze. - Prevents the freezing of the washer system windshield. Note: Always before using the System cover windshield PermaClear wash the outer surface of the windshield of the car! Use the tool only in the washer system windshield! Volume: 500 ml - price UAH 142 Polishes for cars Silicone Glaze Protect your car from adverse weather conditions, returning his original beauty and Shine with Polish for car AMWAY™ Silicone Glaze . Safe for metal surfaces, in particular for the new cover hire, it forms a protective coating and leaves a nice glossy Shine, which does not tarnish after car washing detergents. Polishes for cars Silicone Glaze is not just a wax, and a special blend of cleaning and polishing substances, consisting of several types of silicone, which gently removes dirt and remnants of the previous polishing tools, without damaging the outer surface of your car. Versatile tool! Can be used for polishing boats, trailers, appliances, faucets, mixers, parts, soul, ceramic tile, laminate surfaces, plexiglass and aluminium products. Price - 500 ml - 95 UAH.


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