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One HUNDRED and corrosion control and antinoise - Insulation car

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STO "Antishum" provides a number of services on the sound insulation of machines and complete insulation of the car.

Insulation is an important element of comfortable driving the car. Ask any driver what the main component of comfort during driving? I think the answer is obvious — the silence in the cabin.


This service is for cars of all classes. Why obeissance car is so popular? The reason is that almost all manufacturers of cars pay little attention to noise reduction, and eventually your car requires the additional besshumno. It is important to note that a comfortable driving can only be in full obeschalki car, because the sample is only of limited effect. If you decide to sovpadaet one item from the shop, be prepared for the fact that the noise that emanates from other elements will be much stronger. So if you are not ready to drive under the creaking, rattling and crashing of complete insulation of the car is exactly what you need.

Soundproofing of the car

For good suppression of noise in car use tandem vibro - and sound insulation. Vibration isolation installed directly to clean, skim the metal, and in turn noise reduction up vibration. You should pay attention to the fact that using them together will always deliver your car from outside noises and sounds and will provide you with comfortable driving. We are often approached with questions regarding the sound insulation of the various parts of the car. Therefore, this brief information is the place to be.

Sound absorber for floor

The floor in the interior of the car is important and it is equally important to provide for proper insulation of this element. As the proximity to sources of noise, it's the main cause for noise in the car. But qualitatively selected materials easily fix this problem. It is necessary only to trust the professionals and you will forget about the noise in the car.

Noise isolation hood

This service is popular with diesel car. The culprit was the large size of the hood, and the cargo is vibration from the engine and easily gets on the big plane. Soundproofing hood great celebrating with noise reduction, and thus the noise in the cabin is lost.

Noise insulation doors

Door is the main entrance, through which all extraneous sounds penetrate into the interior, the reason is that car manufacturers pay little attention to the sound-proof covering for the doors. But if you pay attention, you will immediately feel the difference. External noises simply won't pass to get to the salon to you.

Insulation boot

This service is relevant for machines that are constantly on the road. Well-crafted trunk will reduce the noise in the car by 200%. Obeschaet the back of the machine and remove the sound that comes from the rear arches.

What price for sound insulation of the car?

Cost of soundproofing a car depends primarily on the quality of material used, so do not just "throw" on the cheapest options. Also, the price of car sound insulation depends on the machine dimensions and the size of the element that will process. The materials used by the company "Antishum" is a quality materials. Their use ensures comfortable driving for many years. If you need insulation car in Kiev — trust us and we guarantee quality service in the shortest time.


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